2004 Ford F750 Service Truck


2004 Ford F750 Service Truck, Diesel, IMT Model DOM-2-13, 215,496 miles, no mechanical issues, body in good condition, IMT 6025 crane, IMT DA435HA hydraulic air compressor, Getec inc Model 2004- welder, air brakes.

IMT 6025 Crane horizontal reach from centerline of rotation 25'-4", Lifting height 26'-7", Hydraulic power, WINCH - 6025 The 5,500 lb capacity planetary winch is powered by a high-torque hydraulic motor. The lifting capacity of the winch is 5,500 lb (2,495 kg) one-part line. Maximum two-part line winch capacity is 10,500 lb.

Asking $62,500 but open to reasonable offers.

Located at Santiam Tractor Supply
812 McClaine Street, Silverton, OR 97381

Call or stop by for any questions 503-873-5355 Less