The Versatile legacy of production of articulated four-wheel drive tractors is extensive. When conception of a track unit began there was no doubt that a four-track system was the best solution for Versatile and for the dealers and customers. In partnership with industry-leading suppliers, Versatile has developed a new class leader in the agricultural market. 



 Suspended Cab The suspended cab on the DeltaTrack (optional on the 4WD), combined with the optimization of the the undercarriage provides the best ride in the industry.

The suspended cab is raised onto the four point shock and spring system that works in tandem with the tuned torque arms that reduce or eliminate pitch and roll movement. Bringing together Versatile’s double-axes bogie system and the suspended cab gives the DeltaTrack a superior system to any track based agricultural tractor on the market.

CAT® Transmission


The DeltaTrack uses the heavy-duty CAT® TA22 powershift transmission. 16 forward and four reverse gears shift seamlessly under load to create a more comfortable operating environment. A large selection of working gears is available to match almost any application. The TA22 is fully programmable for autoshift and speed matching. Capable of road speeds up to 22 mph (35 km/h), the DeltaTrack moves between fields efficiently. 

QSX15 Cummins Engine


The DeltaTrack uses a responsive QSX15 Cummins engine. The second to none engine displacement and Cummins VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) help produce excellent torque response and pulling power. The DeltaTrack uses Cummins EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) engine technology. 

Track System


The DeltaTrack uses a positive drive system to reduced wear, friction and heat. Track slippage is eliminated by interlocking track lugs into the drive wheel. The DeltaTrack keeps 6.5 lugs engaged with the drive wheel at all times to eliminate slippage between the track and drive wheel. The DeltaTrack uses the largest drive lugs in the industry 8-1/2" (215.9mm) to maximize operating life. 



Electro-hydraulics, available on all models, are ergonomically designed for both comfort and convenience. Finger-tip controls manage the hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow is increased and decreased using the EHR monitor. A total hydraulic flow of 53 GPM (201 L/min) is standard, or 106 GPM (401 L/min) with the optional high flow hydraulic system. Four remote valves are standard, six optional. 

Undercarriage System

Developed in partnership with Camoplast, the DeltaTrack is the most advanced undercarriage in the industry and was designed for longevity of the system and extended track life. The DeltaTrack offers superior torque transfer and excellent serviceability.

A Creeper package is available for slow-speed use in non-industrial applications. This package features the heavy duty 6500 series tracks, slow speed gearing capable of .95 MPH (1.53 KPH) in first gear at 1800 RPM, and a 1" (2.5 mm) tow cable. The maximum speed is 12.9 mph (21 kph).

The steel saddle fuel tanks help the DeltaTrack maintain an even 50/50 weight distribution front to rear regardless of fuel level. A crossover tube carries fuel from side to side to maintain even fuel distribution. The tanks are mounted as to not affect the front to rear weight ratio. 




Versatile DeltaTrack System

Versatile DeltaTrack Overview