Imants 58 Series

Main tillage and seed-bed preparation, possibly in one single pass covering unprecedented large acreage. More than ever, the well-known advantages of spading such as mixing the soil thoroughly, improved watermanagement, breaking up the plough pan and the improved use of fertilizer remain valid. 


The 58 serie spading machine has an ideal working speed up to 8.0 km/h (5 m/h) Depending on the working width it amounts up to 3.5 Ha/h (8.75 ac/h) In order to reach this speed, the machine is equipped with a spade shaft fitted with 6 spade arms per rotor, 3 curved to the left and 3 curved to the right. With the WX configuration the spader is equipped with integrated subsoil shanks.  These will break the hardpan and rip the subsoil. The spading blades will keep the shanks clean and prevent the spader from clogging up even with high organic matter. The spadingmachines with subsoilers (WX) have another construction than the normal SX machines.

Due to the large diameter of the spadeshaft it is possible to incorporate large amounts of crop residue into the biologically most active and oxygenated topsoil. The 58 series can be equipped with different hydraulically adjustable rollers. Like prisma roller, cage roller or tire roller.

Cost saving 

Tilling with 58 series is cheaper than with a plough or any other conventional methods. Just compare your passes with the spader and you will reach a surprising conclusion: it is cheaper, more efficient

and germination is better as a result. In other words, it saves money! By  combining the spading machine with a seeder, you can save yet another pass.

The machine is available in the working widths of 3.66 meter (12 ft) and 4.50 meters (15 ft) and can be either trailed or mounted in the 3-point hitch. 



  • Lower costs
  • Intensive way of working the soil
  • Less fuel consumption per hectare
  • Effecient water management
  • Less compaction
  • Greater incorporation
  • Higher workrate
  • Better soil structure
  • Single pass operation
  • Choose your one roller

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